The DB Process


1 ] Needs and Goals Review – Guest communications, Deadlines, Priorities

2 ] Design and Branding Discussion – Colors, Logos/Crests/Monograms, Style

3 ] Platform Selections and Package Pricing Review

Digital Bride has partnerships and discounted rates with leading wedding website and registry platforms. Depending on your goals, working from an existing platform may do the trick, or a custom option may be the path of least resistance. We look forward to finding out what fits your wedding best!


1 ] Photo Transfer – Engagement photos, throwback photos, anything we can’t easily source. We’ll do the dirty work of sourcing other content on your venue, city, details.

2 ] Form Completion – A brief form for you and yours to complete with more information on you two and your wedding. We’ll use this to tell the story, and are great at filling in the blanks as needed.

Website Build | 2 – 4 weeks

1 ] Production – Our team goes to work on your website and any additional services rendered (registry, digital guest list, email templates, etc.)

2 ] Approval Process – We’ll send to you for review and edits until you feel 100% ready to share with your guests.

Weekly Up-Keep | Until wedding day

Will vary based on package, but highly recommended!

1 ] Reporting – RSVP, Registry, Site Activity

2 ] Updating – Website updating on the fly as plans solidify each week.

3 ] Emails – Announcements, Reminders

How much does it cost?