What is “Digital Bride” ?

If your Instagram boasts meticulously curated photos of all the wow moments in your life. If you take your phone everywhere, maybe even the bathroom (we’re not judging). If you check your email daily, many times a day, but you begrudgingly check your mail once a week. And, if you just got engaged.

You are a Digital Bride.

Digital bride’s require a new level of experience to share their wedding with their guests. This is not your mother or your grandmothers experience, this is the experience of the future, and it will most definitely bring your wedding planning process to the next level.

You need a next-level wedding website, curated to fit you and your weddings style. You need a service that helps you put your best foot forward to give guests the the perfect peek at the experience of your wedding weekend. Your website will be complete with digital RSVP solutions, guest list, menu and transportation management, seamlessly synced registries, and thoughtful email campaigns to gently nudge people to RSVP in time, provide trip reminders and answer FAQ’s. You will save yourself the headache of paper piles, countless website templates, and never ending guest text messages a week before the wedding.

You need Digital Bride. Thank god we’re here.

Brittany Geffert 

Owner | Digital Bride

Pairing her successful events career of cross-country luxury clientele, with extensive UI/UX design experience, Brittany is passionate about bringing a fresh perspective to the wedding industry. Evident in every event and project she’s produced, her concepts tap into the clients’ vision and make a statement through creativity and detailed organization.

She prides herself on providing personalized attention to every last detail – resulting in creating unforgettable results for her clients, exemplifying their own unique personality and style. Her portfolio includes event design and production for: Bentley, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Christian Dior and Dolce & Gabbana, to name a few, along with UI/UX design for various tech start ups. She’s excited to bring these type of curated experiences to her brides.

Brittany’s passion for events and web design truly found their match while planning her own wedding in 2018. She found the need was incredibly evident, and built her own out-of-the-box solutions. It didn’t take long for her to feel compelled to share this service to brides everywhere.