The Life Changing Magic of Digital RSVPs

Alright, let’s get right to the point here. If you’re not utilizing digital RSVP for your wedding day it is an incredible misuse of your time, and an incredible inconvenience to your guests.

If the issue with printed RSVP cards was just inefficiency that would be one thing. But, they are also 10 times more expensive. So, HOW have printed RSVP cards made it all this time?

In my opinion, printed RSVP cards are all about show, but have absolutely nothing to do with the guest experience and/or the logistical planning process. The card is an ornament to the invitation package. It looks cute, you can add some cute stamps (for a couple hundred dollars), it’s a decorative piece, but it is never touted as an effective planning piece.

But, today’s modern brides are getting smarter and smarter, and digital RSVP options are truly taking the wedding industry by a storm. If you’re not too sure about how it works, THAT’S OKAY. Let us explain.

You have two options for how to utilize digital RSVP:

  1. Add a link to an RSVP platform on your printed invitation
  2. Add a link to an RSVP platform in a digital emailed invitation

Both options work great in eliminating the RSVP card headache and making the process easier for your guests. On average, guests even RSVP weeks earlier as it’s merely the click of a button. Digital Bride takes it one step further by managing this entire process for you, setting up the platforms, incorporating the links where needed, and managing the guest lists for you up until each event and/or wedding day. Need more information? Get started with Digital Bride today, and consider this wedding task handled.