4 Reasons Emailing Your Wedding Guests is Necessary

1. Mailing errors.

Nearly 50% of Americans who moved last year did not update their address with the postal service (…and safe to assume they did not update it with you either).

Any bride will tell you that returned mail and address hunting is a big part of the process. Sooner or later these guests will receive your beautiful invitation and get that experience you imagined. Better late than never, right?

Well, when it comes to a save the date, no. It’s imperative a guest has the important details before the formal invitation comes out (often 2-3 months prior). The closer you get to the big day, the harder it is for guests to book travel. A digital save the date is a GREAT safety net that ensures 6-9 months in advance all of your important people have marked their calendar. How can we ensure it? At digital bride we’ll actually give you reports of who has and hasn’t opened your digital save the date emails. We can assist you in proactively following up with anyone who hasn’t to ensure they know they are invited and have the date and details.

The number one reason that you need to email your guests something, is because the United States Postal Service cannot be your only trusted form of communication to get your guests to your wedding.

3. You’re not just planning a wedding, you’re planning a wedding weekend.

With destination weddings on the rise, and the percentage of out of town guests continually increasing, brides are consciously planning wedding weekend events to accomodate their travelers. Welcome drinks, rehearsal dinners, and farewell brunches have become almost standard, but what hasn’t become standard, is efficiency in communicating the details of these events.

At the risk of hurting your feelings… GUESTS WILL THROW AWAY YOUR INVITATION. Every little piece, and every cute note about the weekend.

Okay, so, now that we’re past that. When guests are a week out from wedding weekend, they are left relying on your website, and word of mouth to get to where they need to be. Or, heaven forbid, they text and call you and your groom.

We strategically plan digital invitations for your wedding weekend, to email to your guests, request digital RSVP, and eliminate wedding weekend confusion. We will also send them reminders as the weekend approaches, to their email. **Enter sense of calm for everyone**

2. Small cost, HUGE reward.

The average cost per person of an email blast with digital bride is $0.75 (and even cheaper bundled with the great deal package).

We’re not suggesting you run from the tradition of a printed wedding invitation, but we do suggest you put into perspective the incredibly low opportunity cost here, especially for all these other events your planning (we know there are many, many, other events).

From bridal shower to rehearsal dinners, you have a lot of “inviting” to do. Replacing some of your event invitations with a digital invitation can save a lot of money, and turn out to be way more effective in the long run.

But, if the tradition of paper remains important to you, consider supplementing each paper invitation with a digital correspondence, a minor add on that will go such a long way to ensure guests have all the information they need and can plan accordingly.

we firmly believe that every printed invitation should have a digital safety net.

5. Digital RSVP saves lives… or at least bridal “bliss.”

You are about to embark on a life of many guest lists. For each party, and leading up to the big day. STREAMLINE THIS PROCESS. This is by far the simplest decision you can make for yourself to make your bridal “bliss” actually blissful. Because, we can tell you what’s not blissful: turning piles of RSVP cards into excel spreadsheets, investigating who’s missing, reaching back out for their cards, etc. a mere matter of days before you’re set to be walking down the aisle.

Weeks before you walk down the aisle, you should be getting facials and spraytans and packing for your honeymoon in total “bridal bliss,” right? If that’s how you’re picturing it, then you better get digital.

If you think digital RSVP only saves brides, think again. This process will also save maid of honors, making them look like MOH of the year while they blast out digital bachelorette invitations, and shower invitations, banishing group email chatter and streamlining and elevating the whole experience for everyone.