Improving wedding communications one digital bride at a time.

When’s the last time you received a physical letter in your mailbox inviting you to be somewhere, and actually took action, no questions asked? It’s safe to assume it was probably a wedding invitation.

This day-and-age, most other letters that find their way to our mailboxes are either bills or promotions, or those random magazines that somehow stalked their way to your address.

I recall a time when several of my friends were getting married, and I felt as though I was forcing myself to consistently check my mailbox, worried I’d miss something. Because, quite frankly, there wasn’t any other reason that I’d feel an urgency to check my mailbox so frequently.

When I started planning my wedding, it really sunk in how inefficient this was. As a type-A, millennial, working female, I was glued to my email. Or, at the very least, I check it 10 times more per day than I check my physical mailbox. I ran campaigns for corporate events, mainly product launches, and timed our evites and outreaches across many demographics all proving that digital correspondence was key for optimal attendance.

So, when faced with the idea of sending ONE single printed correspondence to over a hundred of my closest people and in return expecting them to move mountains to get to an unknown city and be on time when I walked down that aisle… it was the most absurd thing I could fathom.

You’ll spend the next several months analyzing every tiny detail of your wedding day. However, while your wedding plans are underway, your guests are expected to book flights, book hotel rooms, figure out how to show up to unknown locations, and on average wind up spending $700. I urge you to make this easier on them, and in return on you.

In summary, your one mailed invitation is not cutting it. Supplemental digital wedding correspondence is key for today’s wedding guests. For more information on how digital bride can fill in these blanks for you, check out our services.